We Accept Assignments For: Loss Prevention … Armed Security Officers … Event Security … Corporate Security ... Office Building Security … Surveillance and Investigations … Document Service by Process Server ... Live-in Bodyguards ... Athlete Protection ... Stalker Protection ... Politician Protection
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Listed below are the Basic Initial Courses we offer at our training facility. We do offer other Basic Courses and more Advance Courses (Executive Protection, Advance Handgun & Rifle & etc…) if you are looking for that type of training.


Unarmed Security Officer Training - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
Basic Unarmed 8-Hour Security Officer Training
$100 (New / Refresher)
Armed Officer Training - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
14 Hour Armed Officer Training
(A minimum of 150.00 Rounds are needed)
$150 (Includes Range Fees)
Weapons - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
Additional Weapons (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)
$50 Per Weapon
OC Certification - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
OC Certification (4 Hours)
Handcuffing and Restraints Training - Workable Solutions - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
Handcuffing and Restraints (4 Hours)
Collapsible Baton Training in Montgomery AL
Collapsible Baton (8 Hours)
Taser Training - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
Taser (8 Hours)
Judgmental Training / Use of Force Training - Workable Solutions in Montgomery AL
Judgmental Training / Use of Force (8 Hours)

More on Judgmental Training / Use of Force Course

This 4 hour course uses state-of-the-art video simulation to provide students with an opportunity to make use of force (shoot/ no-shoot) decisions in a variety of realistic encounters. Participants will receive instruction on managing stress during violent encounters and use of force standards. We'll also provide discussion and coaching on decision-making within moral and legal frameworks, accessing and presenting weapons and 'articulation' or explaining your decision.
Workable Solutions Training Academy in Montgomery AL
Law Enforcement Ethics & Professionalism - 4 hrs
Records and Reports - 4 hrs
Effective Report Writing - 8 hrs
Explosive Act # 1970 / Recognizing Bombs & Eplosives - 3 hrs
Handling an Emotionally Disturbed - 4 hrs
First Aid / CPR - 8 hrs
Dealing With Stess - 4 hrs
Community / News Media Relations - 2 hrs
Care and Use of Equipment - 2 hrs
Receiving & Handling Complaints - 4 hrs
Preserving the Crime Scene, Collecting & Preserving Evidence - 8 hrs
Building Searches - 8 hrs
Active Shooter Training - 16 hrs
Low Light Encounters - 4 hrs

Search & Seizure / 4th Amendment Law - 4 hrs
Drug Recognition / Vice Crime - 8 hrs
Patrol Technique - 12 hrs
Officer / Violator Contract - 2 hrs
Traffic Directing & Control - 2 hrs
Interviewing / De-escalation Techniques - 12 hrs
Defensive Driving - 8 hrs
Traffic Stops / Approaching Suspicious Vehicles - 8 hrs
Firearms Qualification
Handgun Marksmanship - 8 hrs
Close Combat / Night Firing - 12 hrs
Shotgun Familiarization - 12 hrs
Patrol Rifle Familiarization - 12 hrs
Executive Protection - 32 hrs
We do require a $25.00 deposit for each individual that registers for a course at the time of registration.
This can be completed through our website, and is subtracted from the total balance. The deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The full balance is due on the 1st day of the course, unless other arrangements have been made.

Our course dates are flexible, if you have a group of four or more individuals we can work with you on choosing a date that is convenient.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss group rates please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you for expressing your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.
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